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Welcome to the Walk for Andrea Fundraising Page.

The 3rd Annual Walk for Andrea will be taking place on September 30th, 2018 on the picturesque grounds of Milne Dam Conservation Park and Trail. The walk is in remembrance of Andrea Mariano and others like her who have lost their lives due to Anaphylaxis. 

Kick off your autumn by joining family and friends, youth leaders, and special guests, along with our organizing committee and hundreds more like us who are taking action to help find a cure for food allergies. 

* Please note that this site is for fundraising purposes only. To register for the walk, please visit www.walkforandrea.ca *

Thank you for being part of our continued success by participating in or supporting this year's walk. 

What will your support be enabling?

A pill to prevent anaphylaxis. 

Research into the role of the platelet-activating factor in anaphylaxis may lead to an oral medication that will prevent lift-threatening allergic reactions.

The biology of allergy. 

SickKids is uncovering allergy's biological markers. Advanced laboratory techniques may predict who will have an allergic reaction, it's severity, and the best treatment.

Desensitization through immunotherapy. 

Controlled exposure to the food over time may teach the immune system not to respond to food with a potentially life-threatening reaction.

Removing fear: de-labelling kids. 

Kids can grow out of their allergies, or be misdiagnosed. Controlled food challenges can remove the 'allergic' label, where appropriate, allowing families to live without the unnecessary fear.

Within 10 years, the SickKids Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Program wants to find a CURE. Please join us in the fight to end food allergies. 

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